A multitude of down payment assistance programs are available at the local, state and national level. Read below for a list of programs currently being offer. Many of these entities not only offer down payment assistance monies, but renovation and rehabilitation dollars as well. The dream of home ownership may be more attainable than you thought by utilizing creative financing and assistance. 

Federal Programs:

  • United States Department of Agriculture
    • Various programs available for potential homeowners in rural communities
    • More information available here | 202.690.1533
  • United States Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD)
    • Good Neighbor Next Door Program
    • Public Housing Homeownership Programs
    • Homeownership Vouchers
    • More information available here | 202.708.1122

State Programs:

  • Mortgage Credit Certificate
  • Next Home
  • Next Home with MCC
  • More information available here | 317.232.7777

Lake County Programs:

  • Homebuyers Assistance Program
    • Under this program we will assist qualified households whose income does not exceed the 80% moderate-income limits for the area as established by HUD
    • Home price cannot exceed 95% of FHA loan limit
    • Up to $5,000 per household for qualified buyers
    • Money to be used for principal reduction
    • Applicant must be able to obtain private mortgage financing
    • More information available at here | 219.755.3225

East Chicago:

  • Down payment assistance available for existing homes and new construction
  • Additional funds available for city employees
  • Income requirements may apply
  • Requires completion of home buyer workshop
  • More information available hereor call 219.391.8513


  • Homebound Program
  • Existing homes eligible for up to $2,500, new construction up to $5,000
  • Police, fire and educators eligible for up to $3,500
  • Income requirements may apply
  • More information available hereor call 219.853.6371


  • Down payment assistance available
  • Income requirements may apply
  • Requires completion of home ownership workshop
  • More information available here or call 219.881.5075

This information is provided for informational purposes. Please refer to the organization, municipality, etc. for further explanantion, requirements and application processes.