Numerous organizations offer various types of assistance and counseling for those under financial burdens. Please see below for resources on foreclosure prevention and more.

Consumer Credit Counseling of Northwest Indiana

  • Debt counseling, bankruptcy, education, housing & foreclosure prevention
  • More information available here or call 219.980.4800

Housing Opportunities

  • Pre-purchase education/counseling, reverse mortgage, post-purchase education, various foreclosure prevention plans
  • More information available here or call 219.548.2800

Indiana Foreclosure Network

  • Mortgage payment assistance, mortgage modification assistance & transition assistance
  • More information available here or call 1.877.GET.HOPE

Indiana Mortgage Banker's Association

Northwest Indiana Reinvestment Alliance

  • Pre and post homeownership counseling, foreclosure mitigation counseling, financial literacy & small business development
  • More information available here or call 219.931.9300

Additional Resources:

This information is provided for informational purposes. Please refer to the organization, municipality, etc. for further explanantion, requirements and application processes. 

Better Business Bureau Arbitration Details:

(for buyers & sellers)

Contact BBB of Northern Indiana Arbitration Specialist Kim Goodspeed at 800.552.4631 ext. 316

Like finding the right house, selecting a REALTOR® you can trust and comfortably work with is paramount. Just as you wouldn't be casual in the selection of your doctor or your attorney, you shouldn't take the selection of your REALTOR® lightly. Indeed, the best way to find such a professional is through recommendations from family and friends. Of course, you should interview several REALTORS® before you choose one. If you're selling your home, you should ask the candidates how they plan to market your home, what pricing advice they can offer, and what other suggestions they can provide to further enhance the desirability of your home.