Membership in the Greater Northwest Indiana Association of REALTORS® is as varied as is the real estate profession. Please review the types of membership available through GNIAR to determine the type of membership you are best qualified for.


A licensed real estate broker or licensed/certified appraiser who wishes to join GNIAR is qualified for REALTOR® membership.

Designated REALTOR® Members

Also known as a "DR" this is the sponsoring broker or appraiser with a firm. This individual is responsible to GNIAR for all licensees within his/her firm. Typically it is the owner or managing broker or appraiser with the firm.


An agreement between states to license non-resident real estate agents. For the list of states that offer reciprocity to Indiana licensees, click here. For the list of states that offer reciprocity to Illinois licensees, click here.

Primary Member

An individual is a primary member of GNIAR if his/her state and national dues are paid through GNIAR.

Secondary Member

An individual is a secondary member if state and/or national dues are paid through another association of REALTORS®.


A real estate appraiser is a person engaged in the practice of real estate appraisal. The term REALTOR® doesn't necessarily mean real estate agent, it can also be a licensed or certified appraiser. (Refer to GNIAR Bylaws, Article V, Section 2a)


Participants and subscribers to the MLS service, who are GNIAR members.


Participants and subscribers to the MLS service, who are not GNIAR members. To qualify for MLS User Only Services membership, the individual must be a member in good standing with another association of REALTORS® and have a valid Indiana real estate license (broker, agent, appraiser). In order for a non "DR" to access the MLS as an MLS User Only, he or she must be affiliated with a participant that has MLS access.


Individuals who, typically, are not licensed in the real estate professions as appraisers, agents or brokers*, but have a professional interest in the real estate industry. These individuals may be involved in home inspection, mortgage and financing, construction and development, etc. They generally have interests that necessitate access to information concerning the real estate industry and a need to network with the members of the association. They generally understand and embrace the objectives of the association.  

*Affiliate membership can be afforded to individuals who are licensed or certified to engage in real estate practice who, if otherwise eligible, do not elect to hold REALTOR® membership in the association, provided the applicant is engaged exclusively in a specialty of the real estate business other than brokerage of real property. (refer to GNIAR bylaws – Article IV, Section 1.5c)

For more information contact our Membership Coordinator, Matisha Gossett.