Do you have a concern about an issue that is affecting the local real estate market? 

The Government Affairs Committee wants to know about it!

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Your local state and national association advocates every day on behalf of the nation's REALTOR® and property owners.

We work for you by advocating for fedral policy initiatives that strengthen the ability of Americans to own, buy, and sell real property. We also work with you, by providing a wide variety of resources to foster and harness the grassroots strength of the REALTOR® Party.

National Level

Update: Passage of Flood Insurance Extended - The "National Flood Insurance Program Extension Act of 2018," which reauthorizes the Federal Emergency Management Agency to enter into new contracts for flood insurance and borrow from the Treasury up to specified amounts through November 30, 2018.  Thank you to everyone to participated in NAR's Call for Action!


Local Level

The Grass is Greener on the Other Side

If you haven’t heard about it yet, the new Grass is Greener Campaign is a hot topic within the Northwest Indiana real estate industry. The mission of the campaign is to encourage Illinois residents to move to Northwest Indiana. 

 If you haven’t seen the site yet, go check it out at

As one of the founding sponsors, GNIAR’s logo proudly leads site visitors directly to our Multiple Listing Service where they can browse the local market and search for a REALTOR® with the hope they will ultimately cross the border to Indiana.

Sponsorship opportunities are available to any interested real estate company. If you’re interested in taking advantage of this awesome opportunity, contact Spero A. Batistatos, President/CEO of the South Shore Visitors Authority at 219-554-2226 for more information.


Land Use initiative- Munster

Your GNIAR Government Affairs Committee, ever watchful for issues that have an impact upon the Northwest Indiana real estate market, became aware of a recent issue when the Town of Munster attempted to revise their zoning code to limit the types of businesses that could located within the town.  The committee is pleased to report it was successful in utilizing the National Association of REALTORS(r) Land Use Initiative member benefit as a resource for the members of the Munster Town Council which ultimately led to their decision to remove the proposal from consideration. 

The Land Use Initiative is a program designed to assist state and local REALTOR® Associations in their public policy advocacy of land-use issues. Upon request, NAR will provide expert analysis of the legal, planning, economic and environmental issues surrounding legislative and regulatory land-use proposals. The initiative has helped state and local REALTOR® Associations across the country deal with a variety of land-use and Smart Growth issues. NAR, through its consultant, has provided guidance and expert opinion on more than 800 different legislative and regulatory issues that effect the interest of REALTORS®.

Click the link below for a copy of the letter presented to Munster Town Council President Joe Simonetto that included specifics from the Land Use Initiative legal team's analysis and ultimately led to the removal of the proposed ordinance from consideration.  

NAR Land use Initiatve Memo to Munster Town Council 2017.


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