Become a Member of GNIAR


Do you have your Indiana Real Estate license and are now looking to join your local association and become a REALTOR®?

Below is a road map to help you through the process if you are an agent newly associated with a GNIAR member office:

    1. Fill out GNIAR Application (with managing broker signature)
    2. Fill out MLS Subscriber Application (for MLS Only user without GNIAR memberhips)
    3. Sign Acknowledgement – Mandatory Training Document
    4. Select New Member Orientation (online option) & MLS Rules and Regulations  classes
    5. Schedule your appointment through the Membership Services Department: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
    6. MLS Participating Office:  Fill out MLS Participant Application (this is for a managing broker who seeks MLS participation for their office)



During your appointment you will:

    1. Present above document. Receive new member packet with brief association overview
    2. Meet with the Membership Services Department which includes receiving REALTOR membership, MLS credentials, and issuance of KeyCard and Lockboxes if applicable 
    3. Meet with accounting department for payment of membership & MLS fees



Becoming a Dual Licensed Agent with IL?

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